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06-06-2008 until 07-07-2020
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Hopefully this will help some by opening up some eyes and help some people who are confused on ways to get money back or proper ways to file for fraud.

Any feedback be nice & add-ons are welcome, please PM Phildo for additions to this.

Intro: Greetings, it’s your friendly admin coming to you from my laptop in the garage. I am sitting here writing this listening to… what else? Trance! The main reason I am writing this “article” if you will, is because I think some of you have a general idea of how the Paypal/Fraud system works. Did you know there is ways to beat Paypal? Small cracks you can slip through? Here you will learn about them and also how to file proper charges on fraud particularly “Interstate Fraud.”

Paypal the ways around the system: Millions of transactions happen a day… as we sit at home clicking that refresh button 10 times so we can get that IPOD for 200 bucks shipped on Ebay! Perhaps you want that AirRide kit for $800.00 shipped maybe buy your wife or GF that diamond ring online at half-price. Whatever your reason you should be protected at all times. Paypal has some kinks they still need to work out… during various tests… I was able to open MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS using my Name or variations of it with different address. What does this mean? Well let’s say (Account A) Sold something to a buyer lets call him Tim… Tim bought some Dirtlogic shocks for $800.00 NEW (to good to be true?) Probably is! Tim never gets his parts he tries contacting seller emails & phone but the seller never responds. Tim thinks he may be a victim of fraud… so he files with Paypal for a refund. Paypal tried to recover funds but they can’t. I’ll tell you why this happens later on. Right now let’s go back to Paypal and Accounts. You see I was able to open multiple accounts on Paypal this means that if one fails…I have backups. I would be able to scam multiple people using multiple accounts. You would think Paypal has some sort of system check in place right? THEY DON’T! (I can tell you from personal experience it IS POSSIBLE)

Scamming the Buyer: Recently I bought some wheels for a killer deal. I waited for shipment of the product & never received it. I tried contacting the seller via IM & Phone and he ignored me. Recently I sent him an IM (via AIM) and he responded telling me he would ship at the end of the week. So I waited and never got parts/tracking info not even a phone call. I jumped on this forum and other forums I frequent only to find out multiple people were having same issues. At this point I already had a complaint in process with PAYPAL once I saw other people were “possibly” getting scammed as well, I escalated it to Dispute. Paypal then gave the Seller 10-days to respond or they would decide on my favor. Well sure enough days later Paypal decided in my favor. Then I was hit with bad news… “We have completed our investigation of this case. We attempted to process a refund from the seller's account to your account. Unfortunately, the seller's account does not contain the funds necessary to cover this refund. We were able to recover $0.00 USD. We have taken action against the seller and are working to recover the remainder of your refund. We will contact you when we have more information. No further action is required of you at this time.” This happened why? Well one reason… You see if I sell you something for $800.00 say an Air Ride Kit and the buyer never receives it. You should be able to get a refund back... But what happens if Paypal tries to take money from your bank account... And you close your bank account. How can you take money from something that doesn’t exist? You can’t, this is where Paypal needs to figure something out. I spoke to Paypal and they told me they would “try and recover funds” I knew they wouldn’t be successful.

Getting Your Money Back: So at this point I was lost... All I had was the sellers Paypal E-mail and full name along with some other useful info. Well after talking to Paypal they told me it was considered “Interstate Fraud” and the FBI deals with those cases. I was lucky… since I paid with my credit card I was eligible for a 100% refund. To all of you that use Paypal **I HIGHLY RECOMMEND** you use this as payment all the time. Think of it as better protecting yourself! So I was happy to hear I would get refunded in full amount. Something was still wrong though, I didn’t want other people getting ripped off due to this seller’s bad habits’. So what did I do? I contacted the FBI in Dallas, TX in under a minute I was able to speak to an agent. I have to say he was EXTREMLY NICE. The FBI has what they call “Cybersqaud” they deal with EBAY, PAYPAL, FORUMS basically all online fraud. I was asked for link, seller’s screenname/handle online, Paypal e-mail. I was then asked for a call back number. At this point you have done all that you can do… it’s in the FBI’s hands now. I cannot stress this enough be careful who you buy stuff from especially online i.e. forums and ebay. People are always thinking of new ways to beat the system. Please be aware make sure you take PROPER STEPS give the seller time to ship & try contacting him! LOG EVERYTHING!!!!! Steps should be.


2. Contact Paypal (1-30 day waiting period for result)

3. If paying my Credit Card (contact CC company for refund)

4. Last contact attempt to seller. Date, time, record it if you can.

5. Contact the FBI

6. Contact the seller about the FBI being informed (OPTIONAL, but scaring them when you have done this will help in some cases)


NOTE - If you pull funds from a bank account it is highly unlikely that the bank will recover the funds for you. I was lucky….at 6th step I informed seller that FBI was informed. Within 5 minutes the seller issued me a FULL Refund. After telling me online (HE DIDN’T HAVE THE MONEY)

To contact the FBI click link . (ask how to file for “Interstate Fraud”) you will get transferred to an agent immediately!

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