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Please Read Before Posting: S&S FAQ

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here is the FAQ. should cover a lot of day to day questions and hopefully answer some questions or bring to light information never read before. this will be continuously updated, so if you have any comments/questions/concerns/gtfo's, please feel free to pm me anytime.

This will be expanding continuously over the following months, so please continue to check in!

Basic Car Audio Electronics
Audio Engineering Society
DIY Subwoofers

10 Commandments of Noise Prevention
recommended power and ground sizes
official big 3 upgrade thread
great info on speaker wire
is a capacitor right for you?
understanding alternators

head unit

tempe's FAQ on head units

amp pictures
more amp guts
yes, more amp pics
a good article on gains
Clipping Killed My Speakers!!! (or did it?)

applying dynamat xtreme to the door area
why 8ohm drivers may be more advantageous than 4ohm drivers
simple, cheap, and effective door treatments

subwoofers & enclosures
Enclosure Aiming in a Trunk
JL Audio on the basics of ports
blow through how to
flared port calculator
enclosure basics for spl
wonderful piece on impedance rise
david moore of Resonant Engineering putting together an SE10
directional bass using omnidirectional components
paper from Adire Audio on woofer speed
additional answers from Dan Wiggins of Adire Audio regarding woofer speed
a great essay on ported enclosures
great variety of theory and design info on horns
how to design a sealed enclosure for your subwoofer
the truth about "efficiency", "SPL", and "sensitivity"
picking the right material for your enclosure

great how-to on basic fiberglassing
a guide on making custom speaker pods
more good info on fiberglassing
some theory on kickpanel's and their fabrication
more glassed pods

calculating your own theil/small parameters
applying sound deadening to your vehicle
applying liquid sound deadening to your vehicle
what is fourier transform?
klippel paper on power compression and possible solutions
nice piece on impedance compensation circuits
another good article on measuring your own theil/small parameters
free test tones
music and the human ear
the sound deadener showdown
characteristics of coils; torroidal and the like

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